Dallas Expungement Eligibility – FAQ

What are the requirements for expungement?

General requirements include:

  • Fulfill a waiting period between the incident and expungement;
  • Have no intervening incidents;
  • The number of prior incidents;
  • The seriousness or type of offense involved in the incident;
  • Filling the terms of any sentence;
  • Not having any pending criminal investigation or proceedings;
  • That the incident was disposed without a conviction;
  • The petitioner completed probation without any incidents.

Specific Texas Requirements:


  • You’ve been released;
  • Charge is no longer pending;
  • No resulting final conviction or community service (probation), unless the charge was for a class C Misdemeanor;
  • No felony conviction 5 years prior to your arrest ;
  • Two years since the arrest.


  • Meet all requirements listed above under misdemeanors;
  • Case was not filed with the court or the case was dismissed before the trial;
  • Mistake, false information, or other reason indicating lack of probable cause at time of dismissal to believe person committed offence or because the indictment or information was void.

If you were pardoned, acquitted after trail, or acquitted by the Court of Criminal Appeals, you are also potentially eligible for expunction.

If you meet the above qualifications and wish to clear your name and record, contact Dallas expungement lawyer Mr. Mark T. Lassiter for more information.

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