Three UT football players arrested for disobeying police

Three seniors on the UT football team were arrested early Monday morning following a disturbance at a downtown Austin night club.

Defensive end Alex Okafor, tight end Barrett Matthews, and safety Kenneth Vaccaro refused to leave the establishment when asked to by its proprietors.

Officers arrived on the scene at approximately 1:29 a.m. Monday morning. The group refused to leave when asked by officers as well. They were arrested for failure to obey a lawful order, a misdemeanor.

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Judge has expungement of domestic violence charge

A former senior judge in Pennsylvania recently had a domestic violence charge expunged from his record.  The judge was charged with domestic violence in January 2010 after shoving his wife.

The judge received probation for the domestic charge.  The probation included participation in Luzerne county’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program, which included a domestic violence intervention program and anger management.

After completing the terms of his probation, the judge filed for expungement and another judge approved the expungement.  The judge’s lawyers have expressed interest in asking the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reinstate the judge’s position.

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