Attorney general Lynch supports early expungement

Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch of Rhode Island is now backing the early expungement of a certain kind of record, in contrast with his sharp opposition of all expungement bills considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee during his time as the state’s top prosecutor.

Lynch has thrown his support behind a new bill to automatically remove from public view the record of any cases in which the defendant pled no contest in exchange for a deferred sentence, and remained out of trouble for at least five years. This bill would also eliminate any additional waiting period.

Previously, Lynch had opposed variations of this bill, expressing disapproval for allowing the destruction of records for people who admitted guilt to avoid jail time. Rhode Island is one of the few states that allows for the expungement of adult crimes from a judicial record.

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Judge Requests Background Checks For Dallas Deputy Constables

On Tuesday, a Dallas County judge requested that background checks be performed on Sheriff’s Department deputy constables to make sure that the individuals were qualified for the job, including researching their education, job history, and criminal records. This request follows the recent revelations that an individual in the Sheriff’s department had large legal judgments against him.

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