Columbia Sportswear sued for breaching non-disclosure agreement

Posted on March 28th, 2012 No Comments

A lawsuit was filed yesterday in Oregon against Columbia Sportswear. The plaintiff, Innovative Sports, Inc., is suing Columbia Sportswear, as well as two other companies, for allegedly breaching non-disclosure agreements and developing a type of sportswear that they had originated and branded.

Innovative Sports developed heated clothing that incorporated wearable electronics, and the company met with Columbia Sportswear in several confidential meetings where non-disclosure agreements were in place. According to the lawsuit, Columbia Sportswear ended the growing relationship with Innovative Sports in order to develop their own line of heated sportswear.

In the process of developing this previously trademarked clothing line, Columbia Sportswear breached the non-disclosure agreements and also divulged trade secrets. Innovative Sports is seeking monetary wages as well as an injunction against Columbia Sportswear in order to terminate their production of heated clothing.

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