New Orleans woman seeks expungement after identity theft

Posted on June 24th, 2011 No Comments

A New Orleans woman has sought expungement several times after a family member began using her name and date of birth and committing a number of crimes.  The woman says she has had multiple charges made in her name expunged over the past 11 years, despite never having been arrested or gone to jail.

The woman’s cousin began using her name as an alias around the time she was 17-years old.  The first time she became aware of her cousin’s actions was because a fugitive warrant was out for her arrest.  With her mother, the woman went to court to have the charges cleared from her record.

Recently, in another instance, the woman’s cousin was charged with distributing marijuana.  The woman found out about the charge when a background check was performed in order for her to get her nursing license.  She plans to seek another expungement attorney and return to  court to have the charges cleared.

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