Wrongfully accused Dallas man has record expunged

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Last year, a Dallas man was wrongfully accused of and arrested for robbery related to jewelry heists at Stonebriar Centre Mall and The Shops of Willow Bend.  The man insisted that the police had found the wrong guy, but officers from an FBI SWAT team arrested him anyways.  He spent three months in the Collin County Jail because he could not afford to pay his bond.

After a witness identified the man as the robbery suspect, he was transferred to the Dallas County jail and his bond was increased to $1 million.  After another three months in jail, charges made against the man were dropped.  In the process, the man lost his job, car, and apartment.

The man reports having difficulty finding a job because employers see the charges on his record.  “With that felony, even if its dismissed, as long as it’s showing on my record, they can’t hire me,” said the man.  Fortunately, Dallas prosecutors finally decided to help him have his record expunged and the felony indictment will be cleared.

If you or someone you know has been wrongfully accused of a crime, experienced and compassionate legal representation can help you have the charges expunged from your record.  Contact the Dallas expungement attorneys of The Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter at 214-651-1121 today.

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