Innocent Dallas man released from prison, charges expunged

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An innocent Dallas man accused of rape and robbery over 30 years ago recently had the charges and conviction expunged from his record.  51-year old Cornelius Dupree Jr. was released from jail after spending 30 years in prison.

Dupree is one of 265 people in the country who have been exonerated through the use of DNA evidence testing that was not available when the charges were made.  Dupree’s conviction and 75 year jail sentence were reversed in a Dallas County courtroom yesterday.

Co-director of the Innocent Project Barry Scheck stated, “Misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful  convictions in the United States”.  Currently, eyewitness misidentification takes place in 75 percent of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence.  Officials believe that if DNA testing had been available at the time Dupree was convicted his case never would have gone to trial.

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