W. Virginia Congress clerks try to block police officer’s expungment

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West Virginia University graduate and police officer Aaron Vanatta is seeking expungment of a pardon for minor offenses he committed during his college days.  Vanatta plead guilty to the charges in 1994 and received a pardon for them in 2005 by Judge Russel M. Clawges and Gov. Bob Wise.

Now, in order to prevent the charges from harming his career in law enforcement, Vanatta hopes to have all records of the crimes and pardon expunged.  However, a Senate  clerk and  House clerk are petitioning the Supreme Court to stop him from having the past crimes and pardon expunged.  Darrell Holmes and Greg Gray argue that state law does not allow for Vanatta’s records and pardon to be expunged because according to a 2009 law, the records of state legislature, secretary of state, and governor are not subject to the Supreme Court’s expungment order.  Vanatta’s lawyer believes that the law does not apply to his case.

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