Ohio man fired for 40-year old expunged crime

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Iverson Banks-Bey of Ohio was fired from his recently acquired job as a 9-1-1 emergency  dispatcher after his employers found out about a 40-year old crime he committed and had expunged.

When Banks-Bey was 20 years old attending Case Western Reserve University, a former roommate stole some personal items from him, including his late father’s coin collections.  He then went to the theif’s house with a gun and broke in.  Banks-Bey was charged and plead guilty to breaking and entering with intent to cause bodily harm.  Seven years later in 1977, he had this crime expunged from his record.

For 30 years, Banks-Bey worked for the City of Cleveland as a firefighter until he retired.  Recently, he decided to work again and was hired as a 9-1-1- dispatcher.  In less than a month of working as a dispatcher, Banks-Bey was fired after his employers discovered two previous felonies on his record from before the expungement.  If Banks-Bey had committed two crimes prior to the break in, expungement would not have been an option.  Banks-Bey stated, “I’m not the same hotheaded, temperamental reckless young man I was 40 years ago.  If expungement does not mean the record is wiped clean, I don’t think anyone can get a fair shake”.

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