Expungement for juveniles taking too long?

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Families in Pennsylvania are struggling to find closure in getting their children’s and teens’ records expunged.  Families and kids in Luzerne County involved in the “cash for kids” scandal received a vow from the state Supreme Court to throw out the bribed judgments from former judges Mark Ciavarella Jr. and Michael Conahan.  However, the expungement process is taking much longer than they believe it should, in many cases hurting the teens’ futures.

The state Supreme Court asked a Berks County senior judge to review over 5,000 questionable juvenile cases to determine if expungement was necessary.  The director of Luzerne County probation services told the Philadelphia Inquirer this could take up to six years.

Meanwhile, the kids involved in the “cash for kids” scandal are having difficulty getting jobs or loans for college because of the criminal charges.  Also, for teens who have found themselves in trouble with the law again are receiving harsher punishment because of the previous convictions that are waiting to be expunged.

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