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Why Petition for Non Disclosure?

You may see the benefit of expungement, but not of non disclosure. After all, expungement completely eliminates your criminal record while non disclosure simply seals it from the public. You may believe that having your record still on file is not worth the trouble. This is far from true.

Non disclosure seals your criminal record from the public. However, the record still exists and can be used by the authorities in the event that you are investigated in the future or charged with another crime. While this is not as completely sealed as with expungement, it is still sealed from the public.

Potential employers are allowed to make hiring decisions based in part on your criminal record. If you obtain an order of non disclosure, those employers will not be able to access your criminal record. In addition, any search company that may be able to find all of your information for prospective employers will not be able to find your criminal record.

While your record is not entirely sealed or destroyed, non disclosure can be incredibly helpful. You must meet a few requirements, including receiving deferred adjudication and completing your probation period. Once this is taken care of, you can apply for non disclosure.

If you were charged with a felony, you will have to wait five years before you can apply. For misdemeanors, the waiting period can be non existent or two years.

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