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What is Expungement?

Through the process of expungement, someone who has been accused of a crime or has been the subject of criminal investigation or proceeding, attempts to destroy or seal the records from the public. For all intents and purposes, this clears the name of the subject.

Expungement is a considered a civil action, even though it deals with criminal records. The subject of the investigation or proceeding becomes the plaintiff during the process, asking that the court expunge the records.

In Texas, expungement is allowed for any arrests that did not lead to the arrested being found guilty. Crimes can also be expunged if the defendant was accused of a class C misdemeanor, received deferred adjudication, and completed community supervision. Once expunged, records can not be used, released or disseminated by any agency. The defendant may also deny the occurrence of the arrest unless he or she is being questioned under oath.

If the defendant was accused of a class C misdemeanor, and was found guilty, pled guilty, or pled no contest, the record cannot be expunged. However, it may be possible to have non-disclosure if deferred adjudication was granted.

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