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Ways a Criminal Record Can Hurt You

There are a number of ways to be hurt by a criminal record in life. One of the biggest ways to have one’s future hurt by a criminal record is in the realm of employment. Because the law concerning a potential employer’s right to inquire into any criminal arrests or convictions is vague and unsettled, there is no standard. Many employers look into the criminal records of their potential employees and will then make a decision to hire that person based on what they find.

When a potential employer looks into a record, they usually are looking for convictions based on theft and other crimes that could hurt the company. If the position for which a person is being considered involves dealing with people, prior violent outbursts that resulted in an arrest or charges could be used against a person in terms of hiring.

In addition, a person who doesn’t disclose the full extent of his or her criminal record at the time of employment can have that used as a reason for firing. If the company comes to the realization that a person has a criminal record and that individual is already on thin ice with the company, deciding whether to retain the employee may become a lot easier.

Apartment complexes have been known to ask about criminal records as well. Many of the nicer apartment complexes do not allow individuals with records to reside in their complex depending on the conviction or arrest record.

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