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Violations of Orders of Non Disclosure

An order of non disclosure forces anyone with access to a criminal record for an individual not to disclose what is in that record. It is a legal process a person can go through to ensure that he or she will be able to find housing or keep a job. These are serious orders that a court will issue and, as such, are not to be ignored.

Unfortunately, some individuals think that it is ok to disclose a criminal record even if there has been an order of non disclosure issued. This is a serious offense that circumvents an individual’s efforts to get his or her life back on track.

When a person does disclose a record that has been subject to an order of non disclosure, that person has violated a judge’s direct order. These people are subject to civil sanctions carried out by the Attorney General’s Office. The first time a person discloses a criminal record that he or she is not supposed to, the Attorney General’s office will issue a warning. Any subsequent violations of an order of non disclosure will generate a civil penalty. The civil penalty with frequently involve a hefty fine.

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