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The Texas Youth Commission

The Texas Youth Commission, or TYC, is Texas’ juvenile corrections agency. Their goal is to promote public safety by operating juvenile correctional facilities and by working with kids, families, and communities to provide safe and secure environments for youths in the agency’s care and custody. While youths are in the agency’s care and custody, they are supposed to receive individualized education and treatment. In addition, they are supposed to be taught life skills and receive employment training.

The overall goal of the TYC is to reintegrate troubled youths into the community successfully. Unfortunately, the TYC was not meeting all of their goals. As a result, the organization is being reformed. Two bills were passed during the 2007 legislative session to reform the system. House Bill 914 and Senate Bill 103 were signed into law in June of 2007.

The Office of Inspector General, which was created by both HB 914 and SB 103, is an independent law enforcement division of the Texas Youth Commission. The OIG is designed to investigate criminal allegations involving the Texas Youth Commission and its interests.

The Special Prosecution Unit, created by SB 103, is designed to assist officers of the District Attorney’s office with prosecuting criminal cases within the Texas Youth Commission. The SBU works with the Office of Inspector General in presenting and prosecuting investigations which are being conducted by the OIG.

Fortunately for many juveniles who have committed crimes, their juvenile records can be sealed in a manner that won’t affect their future. If you have committed a crime and are eligible for an order of non-disclosure, contact the Dallas expungement lawyers of the Law Office of Mark T Lassiter at 214-651-1121 to discuss your situation.

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