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Expungement: Now More Important Than Ever

Since the events of 9/11, the United States has been working toward strengthening its security efforts throughout all areas of the country. This includes the workplace. While many job applications state that a background check may be preformed before you can be considered for a position, some companies did not take this seriously until 2001.

In an effort to secure the work place and eliminate any threat of criminal activity, companies all over the country began to take extra precautions when hiring employees. One of the aspects of these precautions included performing background checks on all existing and potential employees.

These background checks not only caused companies to block the consideration of hiring a person with a criminal record, but also caused them to fire some long-term employees after discovering their criminal history. While having your criminal record expunged may not have seemed as necessary in the past, new heightened security procedures have made expungement crucial to succeeding in the modern workplace.

Contact an experienced Dallas expungement attorney if you would like to keep your criminal history out of the reach of potential employers. Partnering with a Dallas expungement lawyer to close that chapter of your life will not only help you to be considered for various employment opportunities, but it will also open doors for you to get loans, special licenses, housing, and an education.

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