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Why Expunge Your Record?

You were arrested, but it never went anywhere. Now what happens? The record of your arrest does not simply disappear. It will exist for the rest of your life if no action is taken to the contrary. The question then becomes, is it worth it to get your record expunged?

Not only will your criminal record remain in existence, but it is also entirely open to the public. This means that anyone can check your criminal record legally and without your permission or knowledge. This can become a major hurdle for you to cross. If you are applying to a job, your prospective employer may find your criminal record, and make a decision about your application based on this information.

Even though you were acquitted or found not guilty, your records simply indicate that you were arrested and possibly prosecuted. The finer details surrounding your specific situation are out of the public’s reach. That means that you are being judged on partial information that casts you in a poor light.

If you expunge your record, it is sealed from the public and you do not have to admit to the arrest unless you are being questioned under oath. Expungement will give you a blank slate. You will be able to live your life with no criminal record following you around.

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