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Background Checks: Know Your Rights

While background checks were once mainly associated with government jobs or other fields requiring a high level of security, they are becoming a routine part of applying for nearly any job. Employers are naturally eager to take advantage of new technologies to ensure they hire the most reliable workers they can. All job applicants need to understand how much of their private information is now public.

Limitations on Employers

Different states have different laws regarding what kind of information employers can access while conducting background checks. Texas gives them the right to more information about applicants than some other states. For example, in some states employers can only investigate criminal records in certain fields, whereas in Texas they can search for both convictions and guilty pleas.

Employers do not have the right to:

  • Submit applicants to polygraph tests, except in certain government jobs
  • Access applicants’ medical records
  • Access applicants’ school records

What Employers Can Access

Employers can legally access very much information about your life. They can conduct searches using your current and any prior names, find people who know you, and contact them. They can also use any of the following resources when deciding who to hire:

  • Credit history
  • Criminal record, including arrests
  • Personal websites, including pages like Facebook
  • Documented association with criminals
  • Referrals from previous employers

How a Dallas Expungement Lawyer Can Help

Having a prior arrest show up during background checks can negatively affect your chances of being offered the jobs you want. If you are eligible for expungement, we can help you clear your record and avoid complications down the line.

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