Arrests and Criminal Records

Many people are concerned that being arrested for something but never charged will show up on their criminal record and hurt them in the future. There are two levels of criminal records about which a person who has been arrested but not charged or convicted needs to be concerned.

The first level of criminal record is the low level one. It is the record that shows only convictions and actual charges and can be obtained by potential employers and individuals in charge of denying applications for housing in a specific complex. This level of criminal record can also be obtained by schools and used to deny admission.

The second level of a person’s criminal record is visible only by law enforcement agencies. This version of a person’s criminal record will show arrests, convictions, charges, and anything else. It is very detailed and can only be seen in the context of other criminal proceedings against a person.

For potential employers, only court tried and convicted items as well as actual charges will show up on a criminal record check. A mere arrest or spending the night in jail or a warning will not show up on a record accessible by a potential employer.

While it is good that so little information is available to potential employers, it is very important to have as little as possible (or nothing at all) on a criminal record. To help with this, expunction exists.

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