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Acquittal and Dismissal

When you go to court for any crime, you obviously do not want to be found guilty. Instead, either an acquittal or a dismissal will allow you to avoid conviction. Either of these outcomes will be a great relief to you, but may not be the end of your legal proceedings.

If you are acquitted, the court comes to a ruling of not guilty or something similar. This means that you are free and clear of the criminal charges that have been brought against you. You cannot be tried again on the same charges unless it is in a civil case. However, this cannot lead to a conviction.

Another possible outcome is dismissal. If your case is dismissed, it means that there was not enough evidence to support the case. Going on with the trial would only be a waste of time. This also clears you of your criminal charges. As with acquittal, you will not be tried again in a criminal court.

Either of these outcomes is desirable. However, neither of them will completely wipe your record. In either case, you were still arrested and still have a criminal record. This is where expungement comes in to play. After you have gone through your criminal case, you can file a civil suit for the expungement of your criminal record.

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