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Dallas Expungement Lawyer, Dallas Expungement AttorneyDallas Texas Expungement Lawyer Mark Lassiter, J.D. is an experienced young criminal defense attorney who focuses his practice on expungement suits.

Mark received his JD from South Texas School of Law. Here, he excelled in the top Trial Advocacy program in the country. During his first year of law school, he was selected to serve as a Trial Advocate. Mark received a degree in Business Management and graduated with high honors from Texas A&M University.

Mark T. Lassiter spent 10 years serving his country in the Army. He joined the Army at the age of 18 as an Airborne Infantryman. He was a member of the 143rd Long Range Surveillance Team (LRS). The LRS Team was designed to parachute in behind enemy lines and radio crucial intelligence information back to the front lines. All of this was to be done without being detected. This experience required countless hours of training as well as obsessive attention to detail. This knowledge carried over well to his practice of law as he also learned what it takes to get things done. This knowledge will be put to good use defending your case and clearing your name.

Expungement Attorney in Dallas, Dallas Expungement LawyerFollowing his experience with the 143rd LRS Team, Mark became an M1 Abrams A2 tank gunner. During his training, Mark received an award for the honor graduate of his class. While serving as a tank gunner, Mark was chosen to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS). OCS trains enlisted soldiers to be officers. Once again, Mark received honors for his excellent performance in OCS. From there, Mark was selected to serve as a member of the JAG Corp due to his legal expertise.

Following his JAG experience and Trial Advocate experience, Mark continued to hone his trial skills by becoming a member of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Here he was Assistant District Attorney. There, as a prosecutor, Mark Lassiter prosecuted numerous cases involving all facets of criminal law. During his time at the District Attorney’s Office, Mark developed a reputation as an excellent trial attorney that gained the respect of his peers at the DA’s office and the defense attorneys alike.


  • B.A., Texas A&M University – Business Management
  • J.D., South Texas College of Law


  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
  • Dallas Bar Association
  • Dallas Young Lawyers Association

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